Pre-School Online Management System

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With SKADIMO you will take total control of your daily pre school operations, including attendance tracking, recurring and attendance based billing, health immunization and vaccination management, classroom ratio monitoring, check-in/check-out control, automated billing reminder via email and so much more. You’ll get the most modern, comprehensive, and sophisticated tools available today to manage your fast paced preschool.

Unleash your Pre-school’s potential.

SKADIMO brings information and tools that Pre-schools need under a single login. We provide simple and easy to use tools that automate everyday tasks, whether it is a teacher recording student attendance, parent signing up for the semester or recording medical and emergency forms online. SKADIMO has many tools that save you time, effort and cost in your day-to-day operations. We work with schools continuously to improve our solution and add new tools. Simplified data management, analysis, and information sharing enable better interaction between for parents & Pre-School.




  • Secure access for any computer
  • User friendly
  • Manages every children’s record
  • Cloud storage backup for all records and documents
  • Track attendance, current and outstanding fees
  • Record essential information regarding a student who is on or need medication / immunization /disability / specific dietary requirements & etc.
  • Track payments received from parents.
  • Track staff attendance.
  • Track student’s attendance.
  • System automatically records and store all texts sent from the pre-school

Available procedure

  • SMS  reminder for outstanding fees
  • Online receipt for payments made
  • EDM for any announcements


  • Full set of policies, procedures, form &templates as required
  • Mailing labels
  • Sibling lists
  • Attendance statistics
  • Medication lists
  • Payment received / not received
  • Group and classes listings

Lets Take A Look At Its Benefit

What makes SKADIMO “Essential for your Pre-school”


  • Setup payment fees (monthly & annual)
  • Monitor & manage fee payment
  • Easy registration settings
  • Create & manage kids timeable
  • Monitor students attendance
  • Generate performance report in real-time


  • Class availability and semester search
  • Online registration & upload documents
  • Easy online payment via MOLPay & Paypal
  • Fee payment reminder
  • Monitor student’s and performance attendance
  • Latest updates & information
Professional Review

We chose SKADIMO because it seemed to provide the features that we wanted to make available without a lot of extra ones we did not need. CARA experts were very helpful in getting everything set up. We can recommend SKADIMO without hesitation.

Parent Review

I have two kids and my first kid went to school when he was 6, the reason why we sent him off quite late its because my husband and myself are working so we both had no time to manage our child. We knew that if we had to send our child, either both of us has to take leave at least 1-2 weeks just to settle our child’s school preparation. However I found out there there’s a pre school system management that it actually pleasured me in terms of saving energy, time, and money. We registered our second child at the age of 4 in one of the kindergarten that we chose. The pre school system management had everything over the site, I could register my child, i have my own user name, I could pay the fees through their payment gateway that they have. Not only that but I could also check my child’s performance and attendance. I’m very satisfied with this type of system! Good Job CARA!

Pre-School Review

We have found SKADIMO to be a valuable asset to our administrative system in the school. Information on students, reports and statistics are immediately ready on a click of a button, therefore easing the administrative burden on the Principal and school secretary. The system is very teacher friendly with teachers able to create their own assessment tools as well as updating and filling in the roll book. Information on students is easily uploaded and technical support is always at hand.

What makes us different from the rest? Simple…We Guarantee Success! Request for your Pre-school Student Online Management System now!

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